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The Zephyr Project Developer Community includes developers from member organizations and the general community who participate in the development of software within the Zephyr Project. Members contribute and discuss ideas, submit bugs and bug fixes, provide training. They also help those who need it through the community's forums such as mailing lists, or IRC channels. Anyone can join the developer community and the community is always willing to help its members get the most out of the Zephyr Project.

The Zephyr Project User Community includes everyone working with the project to build interesting things. If this means you, welcome to the Zephyr community!

Community Support Resources

Here’s a quick summary of resources to find your way around the Zephyr Project support systems:

  • Zephyr Project Website: The website is the central source of information about the Zephyr Project. On this site, you’ll find background and current information about the project as well as all the relevant links to project material.
  • Image Releases: Pre-built Zephyr kernel images for all the Supported Boards are available at On this page, you'll find release notes and links to the image downloads and source code for the current and previous releases.
  • Source Code in Gerrit: Zephyr Project source code is maintained on a public Gerrit repository at You'll find information about getting access to the repository as well as how to contribute to the project in this Collaboration Guidelines documentation.
  • Documentation: Extensive Project technical documentation is developed along with the Zephyr kernel itself, and can be found at Document sources are stored within the Gerrit repo for the Zephyr Project. The document sources are processed to generate the website documentation and can also be processed to generate a local website that can be read offline. Additional documentation is maintained in the Zephyr wiki at
  • Issue Reporting and Tracking: Requirements and Issue tracking is done in our JIRA system: You can browse through the reported issues and submit issues of your own. We've also created a Jira Usage Help document to explain the different Jira issues types and how we use them.
  • Mailing List: Mailing lists are a convenient way to communicate with project members as well as other developers interested in the Zephyr project. These lists are perhaps the most convenient way to track developer discussions and to ask your own support questions to the Zephyr project community. Available mailing lists and how to subscribe information can be found in the wiki's Mailing Lists. You can also read through message archives to follow past posts and discussions, a good thing to do to discover more about the Zephyr project.
  • IRC Chatting: You can chat online with the Zephyr project developer community and other users in our IRC channel #zephyrproject on the IRC server. You can use the web client or use a client-side application such as pidgin. Communication on IRC is immediate but transient, making it good for meetings or a quick discussion. (IRC discussions are not recorded so it’s better to use the mailing list for open discussions with the community of developers.)
  • Infrastructure Support: For system infrastructure issues or questions, we've got a dedicated email address where you can ask for help. (This address is for infrastructure issues only — technical issues about or with the Zephyr OS are best directed to the mailing list or Jira issue reporting systems noted above. The Linux Foundation staff is there to help with access requests for Jenkins CI systems, granting rights in Gerrit, configuration issues with the wiki or websites, and other infrastructure issues.