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A key goal of the Zephyr project is to create a SW platform that addresses the broad range of use cases applicable to Micro-controllers, with a focus on security, device management, connectivity, and support for leading IoT protocols.

Zephyr Project Roadmap Stories

The Zephyr Roadmap is maintained in the Zephyr Project Jira as feature requests, submitted as user stories. User Stories are a software system requirement expressed in a few short sentences, ideally using non-technical language. These stories are then broken down into subtasks and picked up for development by the community or Technical Steering Committee (TSC) member companies.

Information on Jira items for a particular release can be found via the links below. (You'll need to be logged into the Zephyr Jira for these links to work correctly. If you don't have a Zephyr project Jira account set up yet, information on creating a login account is on the project's Jira home page.)