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Mailing Lists

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Mailing lists are a convenient way to communicate with Zephyr Project members as well as other community members interested in the Zephyr OS and Project. These mailing lists are perhaps the most convenient way to track developer and community discussions and ask your own support questions to the Zephyr Project community. The Zephyr project also uses mailing lists as an announcement forum.

A mailing list is like a shared email address: messages sent to that address are distributed to all members (or "subscribers") of the list. Messages and their responses are also archived so you can search for and read previous discussions you may have missed. You can send messages to a special email address (such as with your usual mail client, or use the web-based interface to subscribe to a list, configure your subscription settings, and create and respond to messages.

Linux Foundation ID Login

While you can send a message to a mailing list anonymously, you'll want to login and subscribe to actively participate in discussions. A common Linux Foundation ID login is shared with all our Zephyr project tools: accessing the source code in Gerrit, submitting issues in the Jira issue tracking system, editing articles in this Wiki, and subscribing to a Zephyr project mailing list.

Zephyr Mailing Lists

The web interface let's you subscribe to a list and configure your settings (such as the email format and whether you get messages sent to you throughout the day or bundled in daily digest summaries).

There are currently six mailing lists available:
This developers discussion list is the most active of the Zephyr Project. You'll find Requests for Comments (RFC), talk about new OS feature requests and existing feature issues, daily JIRA and Gerrit digests to let you know what's happening, and more. Here's where you can search to see if someone has already asked a technical question you're interested in, or where you can start a new conversation (or thread). It's always a good idea to search the archive before starting a new thread to see if there's an active discussion already going on.
While the devel list is focused on the OS itself, this users list's discussions are more about developers using Zephyr on particular supported platforms such as Arduino 101*, D2000, and others.
This list is for Zephyr Project code committers and together with the tsc list below, has conversations among the technical arm members of the Project's governance team.
Subscribe to this list to receive Project public announcements, typically for release information.
Continuous Integration system daily build results
Here's where the Technical Steering Committee discussions are held, making decisions as a group on the best way to move the project forward.