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Welcome to the Zephyr™ Project Wiki

The Zephyr™ Project offers a small, scalable real-time operating system for use on resource-constrained systems supporting multiple architectures. Developers are able to tailor their optimal solution. As a true open source project, the community can evolve the Zephyr Project to support new hardware, developer tools, sensor and device drivers. Advancements in security, device management capabilities, connectivity stacks and file systems can be easily implemented.

Zephyr Program

These Zephyr Program links will get you to the official website and governance documentation.

  • The official Zephyr Project website is your number one resource to learn the basic principles, goals, and design of the Zephyr project.
  • The latest documentation for the kernel, APIs, drivers, etc., is found in the Documentation area.
  • You can learn more about where the Zephyr Project is heading in the Release Roadmap Features page on the main project website.